Application Status

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Application Status

Applicant Producer Project Name Application Status Category
Animasia Sdn Bhd Supa Strikas Season 6 & 7 Production Ongoing Foreign
Backbone Entertainment Sdn Bhd The Little Farmer Rabby Production ongoing Foreign
Biscuit Films Sdn Bhd Crazy Rich Asian Audit Process Foreign
Blum House Production LLC Prey Awarded FIMI 30% rebate Foreign
Cheeky Little Media Pty. Ltd. The Kazoops Audit process Foreign
Foreign Bodies Film Ltd Foreign Bodies Audit process Foreign
Fremantlemedia Asia Pte. Ltd. Asia’s Got Talent Awarded FIMI 30% rebate Foreign
Inspidea Sdn. Bhd Mighty Magiswords Audit Process Foreign
Lemon Sky BBB Sdn. Bhd. Bubble Bath Bay Awarded FIMI 30% rebate Foreign
Lemon Sky Trucktown Sdn. Bhd. Truck Town Audit process Foreign
Marathon Media Lolirock Awarded FIMI 30% rebate Foreign
Marathon Media Get Blake! Awarded FIMI 30% rebate Foreign
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